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Why did I become a certified coach?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

My first mission abroad was in Arua, northern Uganda, in 1994. As a Youth Red Cross volunteer, I visited schools to talk about the causes of HIV. I lived with a local family and participated in the activities of the local chapter of the Arua Red Cross. At that stage, I was already very concerned about the problems local staff were facing; neglected by headquarters in Kampala and very few resources available. I was keen to listen to them and help them especially Josephine, a girl of my age with whom I shared my hut.

During my years at the International Red Cross, I mostly loved building the skills of local staff and running training workshops to prepare delegates for Emergency Response missions. When I moved to the US, I worked for 5 years at Duke University in North Carolina leading a small group of students to run a local chapter of an international NGO and helping students to find jobs and internships. Helping young people to start their journey is very rewarding.

Later on as a consultant, I have helped organisations and especially its people to reach their goals by thinking with them about the best strategy to adapt and which partners and donors to connect with in order to reach their objectives.

My friends tell me I am a good listener able to quickly see the forest through the trees so they know they can count on me to bounce off ideas.

Finally, I consider myself to be in transition; I am midway😉, my three children are leaving the nest giving me more time to engage in activities I really like such as travel, going out and swimming. Professionally, I know better what I want to do and what not, and I know where I can be of added value. For example, I am coordinating internal and external communications for a global network present in more than 120 countries; working together with people of various cultures and trying to find a common message to communicate is a challenge I love!

Helping people has always been one of my priorities and talents giving me a lot of personal satisfaction.

Now I am a certified coach equipped with professional tools and techniques, ready to help people adjust to change and live the life they truly want to live.

But I promise you, this time, I will not give clear cut advice as I did as a consultant but I will help you to find the answers that are already within you and I will accompany you on your path.

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