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Image by Shane Rounce

Group and Team Coaching

I love transferring skills and facilitating workshops for groups or small teams.

I thrive when I am able to help people to work better together, and communicate effectively in order to achieve common goals.

Therefore, besides my one-to-one coaching, I also provide tailor made services for a group or team setting in the form of workshops or coaching sessions.

Here are some services I can deliver; 

  • Transfer coaching skills to team leaders

  • Facilitate an interactive workshop on change, covering topics such as

    • Notions of change

    • Impact of change on your staff 

    • Understanding the needs and motivations of your staff

    • Role of team leader

  • Guide teams to reflect and develop their strategies to adjust to change

  • Facilitate a stress management workshop

  • Provide one-to-one coaching sessions to staff to help them to adjust to change in line with the overall strategy of the organization or company. 

I remain flexible to adjust my services to your needs. Do contact me for more information. 

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