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Gratitude, one of the 24 character strengths to cultivate. Why and how?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

In 2004, Seligman and Peterson published their book ‘Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification’. They came up with 24 character strengths that make up the best of our personality and thus have a positive impact on everything we do, think and are. On the website of the Via Institute on Character, one can do a free survey which will rank your 24 character strengths. I have done it myself. I did it a couple of times, to make sure the results were correct😉. Among others, kindness, love, love of learning and gratitude were among my top 8. I will certainly use this test with my clients.

Our top strengths help us overcome difficult phases in our life, such as grieving, job loss, having to adjust to a new environment and take on new challenges. Cultivating our strengths will make us stronger and happier.

Today, I want to talk about gratitude. Gratitude means being aware of the good things that happen, being thankful for them and taking the time to express thanks. On a professional level, a sincere thank you to a person who has done a good job under your supervision, will increase their confidence, motivation and productivity and will make you a better leader. On a social level, saying thanks to a friend who has helped you, will strengthen your relationship. On a personal level, for oneself, being grateful can help you through down periods when you think nothing good happens. If you force yourself, even in the most difficult periods, you can always find something to be grateful for.

How can you cultivate gratitude? One way is through a short evening meditation where you focus on three things you are grateful for. Another way is by keeping a gratitude journal like I do. It forces you to sit down, think and write down minimum one thing (on a 😞 day) you are grateful for. You can write more on a 😀 day. For example, I got out of bed, I enjoyed my morning coffee, I was able to finish my task, I enjoyed the company of friends at dinner, I received a compliment, it was a sunny day, etc. etc.

By being grateful, you will cultivate positive thoughts that will influence how you feel, drive your actions and overall, have a positive impact on your life. You will also become more resilient and appreciate the non materialistic things in life.

What are you grateful for today? Share it in the comments if you wish!

Thank you for having read my blog!🙏


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