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Mindful walking to transverse times of transition

Why do people walk the Camino de Santiago? I have always been curious why people walk the Camino and for sure, one day I want to do it as well. People walking the Camino are pilgrims and they are doing a pilgrimage which is a journey often into a foreign place, where a person goes in search of a new self or better understanding of oneself and/or others. Walking the Camino can lead to a personal transformation.

Not everyone has the possibility to walk the entire Camino or even parts of it.

What everyone can do though is mindful walking. I engage in mindful walking in the forest behind my house where the beautiful Jura forest starts or in the magnificent mountains of the Grand Massif with my Golden Retriever June. During such walks, I try to concentrate only on nature, on what I see, smell and hear.

Mindful walking can be a way to accept and transverse times of transition and weather the storm in difficult periods. When engaging in mindful walking, posing one step after the other, you concentrate on the moment. You also stop thinking and that's a good thing because thinking does not always solve your problem or challenge. Sometimes one has to accept that for now you do not know the answer or outcome. Mindful walking allows you to live in the moment, accept what is and trust in the future. When the time is ripe, you will have clarity in your head.

So let's all do some mindful walking during this summer with or without a fluffy friend!😉


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