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I believe that change is part of life. Change makes life rich and colourful.

Change with me

Do you agree that throughout our life we are faced with change? I do.

I believe that life is always in motion and that it is composed of different cycles of transition. Life invites us to implement and adjust to change.


  • Do you have a new project in mind? 

  • Do you have to adjust to a new environment or situation?

  • Do you want to change career? To have a new job? 

  • Do you want to live more in coherence with your values?

  • Do you want to find your purpose?

  • Do you want to have a better personal/professional life balance?

  • Do you want to manage your stress?


Faced with personal or professional transition and change, small or big, wanted or imposed, you can feel lost, not knowing where to start.  You need time to think, reflect, and explore what you really want.

I can help you to see more clearly, to find your courage and motivation and to use your talents and strengths in order to welcome change and live the life you truly want to live.



Preparing for retirement

"Coaching helped me to deepen my questions and soften my pains.  It was like a support, sometimes a benchmark, other times another perspective. It was a help. Coaching also gave me a certain confidence in my thoughts; I was no longer alone. I also liked the fact that the energy and the attention was directed towards me and that helping me was the purpose of this exercise. I have a strong feeling that I have made significant progress to the point where I can never go back."


Editorial Lead WEF

"I was overwhelmed with a demanding job, fast-growing kids and an endless stream of life changes. Fanny helped me to take stock and make calm, considered decisions. Whether it was stress management, resume-revamping, project planning or working out what I really wanted out of life - she walked me through with patience and wisdom, giving me tools and a path forward in line with my core values. I'm keeping her number on speed-dial!"


New Life Project

"I had a project in mind.  I wanted to gain certainty about my desire to embark on this project. Now, thanks to the coaching, I have a double result. On the one hand, I have an action plan, allowing me to get closer to the change I am undertaking. It includes the necessary steps to make my project a reality as well as the first steps to put it in place. On the other hand, I feel a result in my state of mind. I feel more confident, serene and motivated in my desires and ambitions. The coaching has thus removed certain doubts, or at least has given me the means to address them constructively afterwards."

Dominique Karbowiak

Academic Director

Académie Européenne de Coaching

"When I teach coaching, I always emphasise the importance of listening, communication and empathy.
I can assure you that Fanny masters these skills to perfection. Indeed, her knowledge of different cultures, her ability to dialogue in several languages, to accept the other person as he or she is and to accompany him or her, makes her a confirmed and very professional coach. I recommend her without hesitation !"


Career Coaching

"Becoming 55 was a turning point in my life. What do I want to do for the rest of my professional career? Do I continue the job I have been doing for years or do I look for a new challenge? Or do I try, by working a bit less, to take up other (voluntary) commitments that give me extra satisfaction and add an extra dimension to my life? Fanny has helped me ask the right questions. She pushes through where it sometimes hurts, but that's how you get to know yourself better. I can highly recommend her as a Coach."

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